Mandy Muse Fucks in Public Toilet

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This discount came up in a search for me recently, and I decided to take advantage of it. I’ve enjoyed all the scenes I’ve seen of theirs, so it just made sense to finally get a subscription. Now that I am in and can enjoy all that the network has to offer, I am full of regret for not joining sooner. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

One of my favorite scenes so far is “Booty Meat Sandwich”. In it, sexy brunette, Mandy Muse, is at a sandwich shop when the urge to fuck seemingly overtakes her. Some eye sex ensues between her and a male customer. When she stands up and flashes panties and ass, he happily follows her to the bathroom.

Mandy doesn’t mind getting fucked in a public restroom. If anything it turns her on even more. The positions that she gets into are jaw dropping. At one point, she is up in the air with her hands braced on the toilet tank and feet pressing into the wall while her lover holds onto her ass and drills her wet pussy.

Get the VIP Treatment with this Hot Porn Network

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Grab a big Reality Kings Network discount here!

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While they might say that good things come in small packages, I for one am going to call bullshit on it. When does a burger taste good when it is small? or how about getting a small packet of popcorn at the movies? you’d better believe that it is the other way around, only good things come in big packages!

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