Fuck Caution When Doing Adult Dating

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A lot of people think that the more cautious you are, the more prudent and responsible you become. What you’re really doing is you’re catering to fear. Now, when I say fuck caution, I’m not saying that you should be a complete and total idiot and just disregard all laws, moral conventions and all that. No, I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that you need to step out from the shadow of your fear because your fears are holding you back from the kind of living that you deserve when using sites like this one.

You deserve to live like a victor. You’re not a victim of history, you’re not a victim of your past. You’re not a victim of your experiences. Why the fuck do you insist on acting like it? Start acting like somebody who enjoys victory and cougar pussy. Look forward to taking chances and taking risks. As long as these risks and chances are educated and calculated, you will come out ahead.

Experience is the Stuff of Life

There is no such thing as bad or good experiences. It all depends on how you judge them. Judgment is crucial. You have to understand that life really is all about sending us neutral signals. If you think that that earthquake that killed a thousand people was uniformly bad, it all depends on your mindset. It can be a catharsis to some personal breakthrough on your part. Regardless of how fucked up the signal nature sends your way, it is your responsibility to respond in such a way that you come out a winner.

Do you see where I’m coming from? All these things have something to do with online sex because the struggle for dating sex can be trying. It can get on your nerves, it can fuck you up. It can take too long, it can even lead you to question yourself. Instead of running away from pain and challenges, embrace them. You’d be surprised to what you would learn about yourself and how much stronger, happier and more powerful you can be.