The Hotness of Older Women

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There were always sexy older women around me in my adolescence. My mother worked in an office and also had a lot of friends. When school was on break, she’d take me to work with her and have me sit off to the side of her cubicle or in the break room. Her coworkers would come by and smile at me, sometimes bring me candy and other treats. As I got older, I started to really take notice of their short skirts, long legs, and glimpses of cleavage. It was around that time that my mom decided I was old enough to start staying home by myself.

When she’d have friends over for a girl’s night, she’d want me to go to my room or otherwise stay out of the way, but I’d find excuses to be in parts of the house where I could see them. The night they splurged on massages was amazing. I was a teen by then and my boner was fierce.

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